It is important for students to produce writing using a variety of methods. And for some, there are benefits to comparing the rate and quality of work with each. gives you tools to do this.

Supported Writing Methods:

  • Handwriting - Students write on a page and submit a photo of the handwriting to the website. Character recognition is performed and handwriting speed is automatically calculated.
  • Typing - This can be plain typing on a regular keyboard or students can use typing assistance programs such as word prediction and completion, word bars, and spelling assist programs.
  • Voice Recording - A simple and very quick way for students to record their ideas, thoughts and information without worrying about the mechanics of writing. Students record their voice directly into the website, then their words per minute is calculated using speech recognition. The transcribed text and recording are provided for teacher evaluation.
  • Speech Recognition - Here, the student dictates into the computer and the words show up on the screen as the voice is recognized as text. Any speech recognition program works for this. Students dictate, the text appears and they can make corrections as needed.

All four methods are valuable for different reasons. Students should be aware of these methods and have the opportunity of trying out different tools and strategies to determine which method of writing is most productive and works better for them, depending on their own unique needs and skills. See for more information.

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