Supported Operating Systems and Browsers

Device / Operating System Supported Browsers
Windows 10 Microsoft Edge
Internet Explorer 11
Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 Internet Explorer 11
Mac Safari
Chromebooks Built-in Chrome Browser
iPad Safari
Android Tablets Chrome

Browsers and systems not listed here are unsupported or untested.

Windows and Internet Explorer Notes

  • The site is compatible with thin clients that connect to a Windows server, as long as sufficient network bandwidth is available to deliver graphics and sounds.
  • Internet Explorer 10 and earlier are not supported.
  • When using Internet Explorer 11, exercises that use handwriting or audio recording as the writing method will not work.
  • On Windows XP, we recommend using an up-to-date version of Firefox or Chrome. However, we cannot guarantee compatibility with the web site.

iPad Notes

  • It will often be necessary to tap on the coach to get him/her to speak. This is due to audio limitations in Safari imposed by Apple that are outside of our control.
  • An external Bluetooth keyboard is required. The site will not work with the on-screen keyboard.
  • Exercises which use voice recording as the input method require iOS 11 or greater.

Android Notes

  • Some Android devices have 2 web browsers installed, one labeled as "Internet" and the other labeled as "Chrome". We recommend Chrome because it has the latest updates from Google.
  • Google imposes restrictions on web browser audio that prevent some sound effects from working. You will often need to tap on a coach before he/she will speak. Also, not all training module sounds will play.
  • An external Bluetooth keyboard is required. The site will not work with the on-screen keyboard.

Network / Bandwidth Requirements

  • For home users, any cable or DSL internet connection should be sufficient.
  • For wireless users, 4G LTE is recommended, but the site is still functional at 3G speeds.
  • For a school or organization, your network and internet provider should be able to deliver multiple audio streams simultaneously to your users (if using the animated talking coaches). The network should also support an occasional video.
  • If using a firewall, proxy server, or internet filter, make sure to allow all traffic to/from web addresses ending in This must include all types of traffic, including streaming audio and video, JSON and XML data, and websocket connections.

Junk E-Mail Filters

We highly recommend allowing all emails from the following addresses:

  • - For customer and technical support.
  • - A send-only email address used for automated and semi-automated messages, such as reports e-mailed from the web site.