I forgot my user ID and password and need help logging in.

Visit our account lookup page for help retreiving your user ID and password.

I need to cancel my automatic payments.

If you have a paid account, you can cancel your automatic payments online in less than 5 minutes - even if you don't know your user ID and password. Simply go to Typing.co/cancel and follow the on-screen instructions.

I need customer or technical support.

For technical issues, check out our detailed troubleshooting guide at Typing.co/help.

For the fastest service, include the following information when contacting us:

  • The user ID of your account. Use our account lookup page if necessary. If you work for a school, company, or organization, let us know the user ID of a student that is having difficulty.
  • The text of any error messages you are seeing on your screen. If possible, try copying and pasting the message into an e-mail or sending us a screen capture. (On Windows, you can copy your screen to the clipboard by pressing Alt and the "Print Screen" key.)
  • The approximate date and time the problem occurred. This will allow us to check our logs for anything unusual.

Here is our contact information:

E-Mail Address:
Mailing Address: Custom Solutions
125 Buckskin Lane
Streamwood, IL 60107
Fax Number: 888-842-2613