Typing.co provides a comprehensive evaluation of all methods of writing, text production and recording of information, including:

  • Handwriting
  • Typing - With and without keyboard enhancement programs or specialized hardware
  • Voice recording
  • Speech recognition

Types of Data:

1. Quantitative Data

Automatic recording of students performance as the student works. Typing speed, words per minute, accuracy and content are all recorded.

2. Qualitative Data

Teachers can easily access students handwriting, text and voice recordings. For each exercise, teachers have the option of giving a grade as well as adding narrative or comments. This way, a teacher can evaluate a student's performance, the content of their writing, and their overall work based on the curriculum and their standards for grading. In addition, if the teacher wants to add information on hardware and software setup for the writing exercise, this will be recorded as part of the data and included on the form as part of the quantitative data.

Extensive Reporting Options

Extensive reporting options include reports for showing baselines, progress over time and comparative data for input methods. Typing exercises are recorded with a variety of input methods and other variables, and numeric data and graphs show a comparison of performance between each of these different tests setups and input methods. (Show Sample Report)

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