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Enjoy the Benefits of Online Training

  • Everything runs from your web browser. There is no software to install.
  • Use the program from any computer connected to the internet.
  • Supports Windows, Mac, iPads, and Android tablets (using an external keyboard). See detailed system requirements.
  • No need to install software updates. Enhancements we make to the web site are instantly available.

A Training Program Customized for all Ages and Abilities

  • Recommended age range: 3rd grade to adult. Parents can sign up on behalf of their children.
  • Supports beginning typists as well as those who already have some skill and want to improve.
  • Choose between different coaches, themes, and sound effects.
  • Choice of 2 modes - computer-guided and self-guided:
    • The computer-guided mode guides you in a step-by-step training program.
    • The self-guided mode allows you to pick and choose what you want to work on.

Easy to Use

  • If desired, choose an animated talking talk to guide you through the training step by step. 12 coaches are available.
  • The training modules demonstrate correct technique using clear, bold, easy-to-read graphics.
  • Easy enough for children to understand, while offering training for adults and individuals who already have some skill.

Over 2500 Built-In Exercises

These cover a wide variety of topcs, including:

  • Lessons to train specific fingers on the hand
  • Lessons focusing on the home row, top row, and bottom row of the keyboard
  • Longer typing tests designed to measure your speed
  • Interesting trivia and famous quotations
  • Jokes and humor
  • Biographies
  • Geography and world landmarks
  • World history
  • And much more!

Have Fun with Our Typing Games

  • Our Trivia Challenge typing game is a great way to learn new facts, have fun, and practice typing all at once. Earn points for getting the correct answer and typing quickly. Thousands of questions are included, covering multiple categories, ages, and skill levels.
  • Goalie is a fast-paced game with a soccer theme. As the goalie, type the words next to each ball to keep the balls from reaching the goal. Don't let too many balls get past you, or you are out of the game.
  • In Meteor Storm, your job is to save your space colony from falling meteors. Type the words next to the meteors to blast them with your laser. Don't let your shield collapse or you are out of the game.
  • Typing Racer is a racing game in which your typing speed determines how fast your vehicle moves along the race track. You can play online against human opponents or challenge the computer in single-player mode.

Customizable Reports to Track Progress

  • Track your speed over time.
  • Review activities completed and time spent on the web site.
  • Filter your results by date range, exercise groups, and level of detail.